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HP Record Label Jam

Jazz, Pop & Abstract Artwork, Commercial & Architectural Illustration

I’ve been working as a San Francisco/Marin-based artist/ illustrator/  in traditional media ( ink and watercolor), and have developed a wide range, most of which is represented here. With my background in cartoon art and drawing, I developed my “editorial style” work through 4 years at the Times Tribune newspaper in Palo Alto, honing an ability to read material, get to the heart of the story, and come up with graphic images for it. This ability serves my clients well when creating business collateral illustrations for my  clients. y work has been applied to greetiong cards, business, advertising, special events, posters, illustrated poetry, children’s books, logos, weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. Some pieces have even been posthumous tributes.

My  fine art takes in my jazz-oriented work, pop art, and abstracts .

I hope you enjoy the art on these pages. Thanks for viewing it.