Rich Sigberman

Fine art & illustration


Rich Sigberman was born in New York City in 1952.

The influence of early Max Fleischer cartoons viewed on small black and white televisions may still be seen in his art to this day.

Comic book covers, swing music, children’s book illustrations, and advertising art all invaded his impressionable child-like brain that has not changed a whole lot to this day.

He now lives happily in Marin County with his wife Pam.


There are lots of artists who can draw pretty pictures, but it’s rare indeed to find an artist who can listen to me talk about my business and the way I want my clients to FEEL when they work with me. Rich allowed me to free-associate with words and images, and from that created an image that perfectly captures not just the work I do , but WHY I do it, with warmth and humanity.

Elizabeth Krivatzy
Estate Lawyer

Rich,, it has been a tremendous pleasure collaborating with you on this book

Chip Ridley
Author of the Ranger Jim series

As an illustrator, you have an innate ability to run with a couple of hazy ideas, and then create art that is unique and heartfelt. This was, without a doubt, the best Mother’s Day gift my Mom has ever received.

Nick Tatro
MC Merchant Card Services

Rich did several illustrations for us at Data Rescue Services. His clever, incredibly rapid translation of an idea into actual art was a pleasure to witness. Our ideas translated into artwork met and exceeded our expectations.

Phil Smith
President, Data Rescue Services

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