When it’s your best work

11:02 pm - Posted by Rich

art in progressAren’t there times when you just know you’re doing your best work, not only when it’s flowing, but that your work has just taken a leap up to the next level?   I think it’s happening to me today.   An old framed piece that includes a mat with a thick black line was pulled out from the dustbin,, and I swear, I could see an entirely new piece in there, in very strong black and white.  It’s an abstract, or at least a semi-abstract , since there is a human figure who is clearly wilting under the weight of a computer motherboard…..well, maybe I’ll disguise that part a bit, but , for me, that’s the part that gives this more emotional resonance than my other abstracts, which are more stream of conscious and instinctive.  This one does have a clear thought and feeling underlying , and so it becomes more meaningful, and the art itself is complex and will be a knockout piece.  I know, since I’ve already foreseen it its frame.   Shown is a vignette of the art in its infancy stage.

Oh, yes.  I have a show coming up with the opening on March 11th, at the Avalon Salon in San Rafael, B Street, between 4th and 5th, from 5pm -9pm, as part of that night’s Art Walk.


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