Wedding Contracts

12:21 am - Posted by Rich

The marriage contract reflects the couple. An Interfaith marriage contract with Celtic decorative influence. Interfaith Ketubah combining Irish, Hawaiian, Jewish with water theme

The Wedding Contract, in Jewish tradition known as a “Ketubah” originally was designed to protect the bride economically, in case the husband predeceased her, or left the marriage. The text used to be┬ámostly about dowry, property, and who brought what into the union. No matter how dry the text was, it was always done as beautifully as possible. This one is tied together by the cast iron trellace they got married under.

The Ketubot (plural) I’ve done have mostly been about the love between two people, and often only one of them was of Jewish heritage. The text, usually written by a calligrapher, is about love, commitment, and hopes for the future. The art is designed by all three of us, with an emphasis on symbols that are deeply meaningful to them. For me, there is great joy in being part of their celebration, as the Ketubah is often a part of the ceremony.

Here are some past examples.


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