The artist as Warrior!

6:50 pm - Posted by Rich

On the power of persistence: I have an affirmation that I am a “great, warrior artist”.   When I tell myself I’m a great artist, that negates the possibility of my denigrating the quality of my own work.  When I say I’m a warrior, it means I keep persisting without any whining.  No whining allowed!

In the case of “Michellin Pop”, I am pleased witht he art on many levels, AND I blew it on the squared edges: they are distinctly off.  The framer and I have tried a number of solutions, and today, when I thought we finally had it licked, (this was attempt #4!), it turned out that the framer’s assistant matted the art far too tightly, covering up small portions of the edges.   I don’t know what he was thinking, but once again, this piece will stay at the framers for a while until it comes out as right as it can be, considering that it once had off kilter edges that have been straightened out in a way.  The whole thing will still be “off” a bit, but in this case, that’s not so bad, and the square edges will conform to the mat, and all in all will have a clean look, which is what I feel the art needs, as opposed to “floating it” with no mat, and showing the deckled edges of the watercolor paper.  Whew!

The warrior persists, and abides!


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