Clients Testimonials

“Rich has been co-designing and solely executing all of Lang’s unconventional
greeting cards from the beginning (1991). Besides his more obvious virtues
– artistry, creativity, wittiness and humor – Rich is a mensch. It has been
my great pleasure working with him, putting our heads together and coming
up with cards that are always (read mostly) received with cheery approval.”

~ Mark Zimmelman, owner of the Lang Estate and Antique Jewelry
Store in S.F.

“He’s absolutely wonderfully creative, easy to work with – extremely personable.
I’d recommend him to anybody. The response to the ad was tremendous!”

~ The Sheraton Palace Hotel

“Thank you Rich Sigberman for the wonderful painting you did for
Bread & Roses. The posters made from the painting were distributed to
the 100 facilities where we bring free, live entertainment throughout the
Bay Area. Thousands of people agree that Rich’s use of humor and lively
colors in his painting convey the joyful feeling that our music brings to
the clients we serve. We love the way he brought it all together: geography
(having both Bay bridges) entertainment (jugglers, musicians, dancers) and
clients (children, seniors, handicapped).”

~ Carolyn Gauthier, Director of Events, Bread and Roses

“It is my pleasure to recommend the artwork of Richard Sigberman. Rich
was the most imaginative artist I ever worked with. His has a special ability
to grasp the essence of a story and illustrate it in a way that was illuminating
but not obvious.”

~ The Peninsula Times Tribune

“You know it’s hard to describe Rich’s art easily, but…I just came
back from 3 weeks visiting relatives in Brasil, and playing alot of music
(I’m a guitarist/cavaquinho player)…and I had a hugh learning lesson there:
Order of importance: #1. Rhythm #2. Smiles & Joy & Fun & Jumping
in the Air #3. Always know your place in the chart! Which means if you have
all these elements together, you can sing out of tune at the top of your
lungs, you can miss a few notes, and you can come up with more creativity
than your little mind could have ever believed! Well…this is Rich’s art
to me! He sooo plays my heart! His art IS music and it follows those 3 top
rules. I’ve always loved comic/cartoon art, it brings me to tears, it makes
me smile, it makes me sing, it makes me horny! Rich is tops in the world
at it to me. And, by the way, he’s a real easy guy to work with…my last
bass player put him through the mill and he never blew a fuse! Hopefully,
we’ll remain on this planet for a long while to come, because I’ve got lots
more art I need him for. The projects are standing in line.”

~ Valerie Bach, EA & ASSOCIATES,

“I rely on Rich for the creative interpretation. He’s terrific at that
kind of brainstorming, and he usually gives me a range of options from serious
to humorous, and in several styles. He’s always met my deadlines, and many
times, he’s beaten the deadline significantly.”

~ Hewlett-Packard Company

“I highly recommend Rich both for his creativity and for the energy he
puts into any project he is involved in.”

~ Lexikos Publications