Saved it! Barely….

11:23 pm - Posted by Rich

Today I decided to make a get well card for the daughter of a woman I know.  The woman gave me a few photos and a few of her girl’s interests, and I proceeded to make some careful tracings from photos, and turned them into a one page composition.   Normally at that point, I’d put that one page into my projector and project it down to watercolor paper at a larger size, but today, battling the flu bug, I didn’t quite have the strength for it.  Instead, I decided to work smaller on an actual copy of the ink tracings.   This saved me some hard work but also limited the size to 8.5″ x 11″, and to crummy bond paper.  I decided to take on the challenge, and I carefully water colored the copy, using as little water as possible, since it would wrinkle the page.  I did this, and it looked good.  The final piece of this was to spray mount the copy paper on to a piece of foam core board.  The last step…..and I ruined it!  When I mounted the page, it wrinkled badly, and burnishing it only made matters worse.  Three hours of work down the drain? Ugh……I decided to try one more thing:  I took the wrinkled art and put it on the flat bed scanner, scanned it, and put it into Photoshop.   I cleaned up all the ugly wrinkles, some excess pencil too, and one or two other details that had been impossible to change on the copy, printed it out in color, and it looked good.  It looked better than the original.  I got a second chance!   This time when i spray mounted it on to the foam core board, it came out nice and flat.   It is now entirely presentable.



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