lots of abstracts to come

7:48 pm - Posted by Rich

Stairway abstract Oct 5 2015It’s been a while since I created a lot of abstract art, mostly delegating it to between art jobs.  Yesterday, however , I found that I’ll have a one person show in March/April of 2016 and the preference is for the abstracts.  It so happens that I had begun one a few days prior, so I continued on with it, and here it is, assuming I don’t look at it and go, “hmmmmmmm……maybe I should add THIS, and subtract THAT”, which is easy to do with an abstract.  In fact, for me, the most difficult part in doing abstracts is trying to figure out when there’s no more to do.  One can ALWAYS change it.  That sort of freedom can be a terrifying thing, so one simply has to go by one’s instincts and emotions.  With figurative art, of course, there is really no such decision involved.  One has a real clear idea of when it’s done.   Still, there are similarities like composition, color, color value, and form.

The image size on this one, incidentally is 19″ w x 26″ d. It was done in watercolor and cold press watercolor paper strips was pasted on to hot press paper for new textures.


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