If I’m influencing young minds, does that make me an elder?

12:54 am - Posted by Rich

The Schulz museum is a great place, incredibly well thought out and put together.  My time there was nice , I was treated well, and I may have influenced a young life or two.  One young woman watched me paint for about an hour!  So, I did my demos, fielded some questions, and that was that. This Friday, I’ll go to Hall Middle School to talk about a career as an artist to impressionable young peop…le.  It would behoove me to give some thought to what I’m going to say and how I’ll say it.  Basically, I think, my message will be “to make art a career, you have to want to do your art more than you want to do anything else”, and “take some business courses too”….I think those are two good pieces of advice, especially the second one. Currently working on an abstract, a bit more structured than ones I’ve done in the past, will take a shot of it soon…..as usually, the major color in it is Payne’s gray

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