Gaudi’s ceiling

7:17 pm - Posted by Rich

Gaudi’s church in Barcelona, the Familia Segrada is an amazing place.  It is, at once, awesome, colorful, subtle, crazy, and has a logic all its own.   A few years ago, my Pamela took a series of fantastic photos, concentrating on the ceiling from many angles.  The shots are mind-blowing, and I could see how easily many of them could be used as springboards for intricate abstract designs.  I finally got around to doing the initial tracing from one of the photos, a laborious task.   It is now ready to project on to watercolor paper, and I can already see how strong it is going to be.  In the absence of any tight deadlines on the commercial front, I’ll devote some time to art for art’s sake.

Gaudi ceiling

Gaudi ceiling


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