Jazz Art

Jazz music has been influencing me since I’m 2 years old, thanks to my Dad’s big band 78’s. The rhythms, textures, and joie d’ vive are all aspects that I’ve tried to depict  in these ink and watercolor depictions.

Pop Art

This is the art that takes American or world advertising logos and icons and puts them in a foreign context, mixes them up in a blender of pop culture images, and regurgitates them on to watercolor paper.

Abstract Art

It took me many years to understand that abstract art is valid for me. After viewing a Richard Diebenkorn exhibit at the SF Museum of Modern Art, I seemed to have a better understanding of what it could be about: paint, texture, composition –

Commercial Art

I’ve worked on book covers, package design, CD art, and editorial style pieces. Even in this work, there is usually a sense of fun that comes through…

Architectural Illustration

This work falls into two categories: renderings of houses and buildings that already exist, and renderings of buildings that have yet to be built.