From Perspiration to Inspiration

1:30 am - Posted by Rich

A few days ago, I related the experience of viewing a frame and mat with an old picture of mine it, and instantly seeing a new one.   I practically saw it in its entirety, and then, over the next two days, executed it. It came out nearly exactly as I had foreseen.

Abstract in progress Feb 27So, naturally, I thought I could conjure up this experience again. I had another old picture in an old mat and I stared at it for a long time. Nothing came to me, but I unrolled a piece of hot press watercolor paper, measured out the window of the mat, and waited for that vision to come. I waited. And I waited, nearly staring a hole into that paper. Finally, I picked up a pencil, tried to at least conjure up an emotion, and began to sketch lightly.   I must have done that for 90 minutes thinking, “I got nuthin”, and really it was true. Around the two hour mark, however, something began to coalesce, don’t ask me how, and I followed it. Deciding to work with color, this is close to the final result, cropped a bit, but dynamic, colorful, and not without cohesion. It still has a long way to go, and I never repeated the lovely experience of seeing the art before I picked up a brush, but managed to produce something I’m happy with. Perspiration led to some inspiration.


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