Donato’s 2 part Christmas card

11:52 am - Posted by Rich

Donatos card front

Donatos card inside

Many ideas came and went in the decision process for this 2 part Christmas card from a well-known restaurant chain in the Ohio area.  The basic idea is to show happy customers in the front of the card, and a bunch of highly cooperative, happy elves working in the kitchen.  Softer “night” colors were used in the front, and brighter ones for the “punchline” inside art.  One aspect of the art that Donatos’ owner loves is the individual personality that each character has, which makes the art more interesting on repeat viewings.  When a recipient finds a “layers of the onion” affect , they hold on to the card longer, maybe put it on their refrigerator, and thus view the company’s logo all that time – reminding them to use that company’s service!


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