Cleaning it up in Photoshop

5:16 pm - Posted by Rich

detail after cleaning

While I’m far from expert at Photoshop, and still much prefer to do it all by hand, there is one feature that I’ve found to be invaluable for cleaning up the art, which is the clone stamp tool… are two details one before and one after cleaning up….since I am able to enlarge a given image some 500% on the screen and do the cleaning up on a pixel by pixel level,  I can truly clean the art, and overall it appears far sharper to the eye, even if some of what I’ve done is so miniscule as to easily be overlooked…..the work is slow, and sometimes tedious, but worth it.

before cleaning

before cleaning



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  1. admin says:

    Some of this work is on the nearly subliminal level, yet it has an overall affect that helps a lot.

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