Abstract Superman 136

5:15 pm - Posted by Rich

Abstract in progress Feb 27This piece was done a few days ago, and I call it “Abstract Superman 136” in reference to the color scheme of the 1959 comic book cover I first saw way back then.  The color combination still gets to me; I resonate to it, I love it!  I’ve also noticed that , to an extent, I view these colors when hiking around Marin County in the Spring.

This piece did not come together easily or readily.  It took some 90 minutes of just sort of fooling around on the page until something began to coalesce, unlike the art done earlier in the week where I envisioned the piece immediately upon viewing the frame, mat, and old art that was in it.   If I thought that experience was going to repeat itself, I was mistaken.   This one was a case of “99% perspiration, 1% inspiration”, and , fortunately, that 1% came on the back end.

Since I have a show of my abstracts coming up soon, it’s been a great deal of fun to create a body of these in the last few months.


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