Abstract decisions

8:53 pm - Posted by Rich

Abstract August 04  Among the decisions facing an artist upon creating

abstract art are, what to do, where to put it, what color palette am I going to use, and when is it done?

In other words, all decisions are up for grabs, even titling it.  Should I title this one “Moonlight In Vermont”, or “Gray Abstract #12”?  Or, something else?  I think lots of people may feel that abstract

paintings are done by throwing paint at a canvas and seeing what sticks, or, that a monkey could do just

as well.  Maybe not on a piece like this one, since it’s fairly refined and the various areas seem

to be carefully filled in.  The part I enjoy most about creating this type of art is the rapid back and forth discussion between the right and left sides of my brain, which are usually solved by the body.  I find myself gently standing and rocking a bit while making such decisions, so there is, literally, a back and forth thing going on.  Since I create lots of representational art, composition is always a conscious concern as I try to lead the eye, but there are lots of more visceral decisions, mainly about texture.

And, of course, the artist may be as prone as the viewer to “de-abstract” it while working on it.  “Oh, look , I see a duck there!”   I try to avoid that, and the process is most exciting.


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